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There Is No Reason To Wait To Notice

This past Friday I had the privilege of attending a concert put on by the Lee's Summit 2015 String Camp. It was a special concert for me personally because my daughter Katelyn played the cello as a camp participant and my daughter Karly played the violin as a high school camp helper. I am blown away by the progress that my girls have made when it comes to playing their instruments. Katelyn has been playing cello for 2 years and Karly has been playing the violin for 7. It was also a special concert for me professionally because I had a BIG ah-ha moment.

I have always had a tendency to get emotional when I hear beautiful music. Friday I found myself tearing up as I listened to the 5th graders play (neither of my girls played in that section so it wasn't just the proud mom kind of tears, and for those of you who have attended elementary school music concerts you know that first year concerts sound like … well, first year concerts ☺).

I was so emotional because I was overwhelmed with the ah-ha that those kiddos genuinely deserve to be Noticed, to be celebrated. They genuinely deserve to Notice and celebrate themselves.

There are many levels at which to perform and there is absolutely no reason to wait to Notice and celebrate ourselves and the people in our lives until we reach a certain summit, a certain idea of what we think is good enough, or worst of all perfection.

I noticed and celebrated each of the BEAUTIFUL songs played during Friday's concert. I KNOW I would Notice and celebrate each of the AMAZING things about your lives if we had a chance to sit down and chat, and I am going to keep striving to Notice and celebrate myself at each step along the way.

There's no reason to wait until we reach the perfect summit to Notice and celebrate ourselves and our lives! Let's do it today!!!


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