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Noticed By Lauren of KC

I’m coming up on my 2-year anniversary of Written Remedy in May & the first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude. I think about the community here in Kansas City & how much this project has been embraced. I look back on the conversations I’ve had with people surrounding the importance of mental health in our community & it puts a big smile on my face. Just keeping the conversation going has always been important to me.

When I thought up Written Remedy 2 years ago, I had one goal in mind & that was to provide a safe starting place for anyone who may be looking for one. Believe it or not, a blank page can be a bit intimidating & sometimes we just need a little guidance of some sort. This project aims to provide a safe space to begin looking inward on past experiences, relationships, etc. - all the things that make us who we are in this present moment. I really emphasize writing about bright moments and joy - things that may bring you peace & ease. It’s nice to have those little reminders when life gets a bit cloudy. On the flip side I also think it’s important to write about the moments that are a bit tougher. The parts of us that we might not want to shine a light on.

Thematically, my journals are reflections of themes in my personal life. Once I close or move on from a chapter in my life, I like to have a creative release. So, I write & that’s how a new journal comes to be. When creating a journal, I’m presently asking myself all the questions I’m putting on the page - then I release it & put it out into the world hoping those same questions can help guide someone else through what they’re living through. I’ve asked myself all the questions in my journals over a thousand times & my responses change very often - & that’s a good thing for me. As I meet new people & live through different moments - my perspectives change. My mind changes. What I write about all depends on the season of life I’m in & that’s beautiful to me.

With the world forever shifting - fast, I think it’s important to sit down and take a breather every once in a while. I make an honest effort to sit down & write when I’m going through a tougher time. It’s important that I don’t forget my strength. That’s why I write. This way when times get tough again, those pages serve as a reminder of what I’ve lived through & that I will be ok. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of our strength. I hope that’s what my journals serve as - a reminder of all that we’ve lived through, what we thrive in, & all the things we can look forward to - starting with tomorrow.

A note from Amy & Hayley

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to @LaurenofKC for being a guest author for The Noticed Network's Blog, and for everything that she's doing to Notice goodness and lift others up throughout the community and through her @writtenremedy journal. Lauren, you are a bright light in Kansas City and you give us so much goodness to Notice!!!


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