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In 2011, I founded The Noticed Network. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the AMAZING people in my life, and I wanted to tell them that they were Noticed (that I had seen them, heard their stories, been inspired by them, and most importantly that they mattered to me and the world around them).  I made a list of all of these amazing people and I set out on a mission -- a mission of friendship.  I designed some keychains that said "Noticed" (I call them Noticed Motifs), had them custom made, and I went to each of these amazing people and shared a heartfelt compliment and gave them a Noticed Motif-- I "Noticed" them. 

The reactions to this simple gift changed my life!  Just like we are all unique, so were the reactions, but I was blown away by how much it meant to be Noticed.  Everyone expressed  gratitude, many people immediately wanted to know how they could Notice the people in their own lives (that's really why The Noticed Network exists today), and some people just couldn't believe that they were being Noticed at all.

This powerful reaction to being Noticed got me curious.  Some of the questions I started asking were:  Why is it so impactful to be Noticed?  Why is it challenging for some people to be Noticed?  And why is it hard for some people to be Noticers?  The answers to these questions revolved around our inherent need for connection and belonging, as well as, the social acceptability of negative intra and interpersonal communication.  It is from this understanding that I have developed the Noticed Programs that are offered by The Noticed Network today.

And remember all of those people who wanted to Notice the people in their own lives?  Well, they started Noticing, and then many of the people who they Noticed wanted to Notice, too.  Soon thousands of people were giving and receiving the gift of being Noticed through out the United States and even the world!

Over the past 8 years The Noticed Network has grown so much!  As a matter of fact over 30,000 people have been Noticed at this point.  That's more than the official capacity of Madison Square Garden!


We added more Noticed Products that are great for men and women, boys and girls of all ages.  We've added great Noticed Programs that are truly creating positive cultural change.  And we continue to grow in ways that help us connect with our on-line community.  And we're just getting started!!!

I hope you'll join us as a part of The Noticed Network.  You know ... The Noticed Network is made up of real people just like you who are choosing to connect with each other in a personal and positive way.  Here are 3 easy ways that you can become a part of The Noticed Network:

1. You can become a part of our online community, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.


2. You can practice Noticing goodness in yourself and in the AMAZING people in your own life.  Noticing with a capital N is so easy.  Simply,  decide who you want to Notice (YES, it can even be yourself :), order Noticed gifts and add your heartfelt compliments.


3. You can bring this simple, yet powerful message to your organizations. The Programs page can help you find ways to create a more positive culture in the organizations that you are already a part of.


I have a huge passion to be a resource for people who are seeking more positivity in their lives and more positivity in the organziations that they are a part of.  I have studied the power of Noticing goodness, I know that it leads to excellence -- and I am so excited to share this experience with you!!!

Together I know we can change the world for good by Noticing goodness!

May you always feel Noticed,


    Amy Johnson

is the founder of The Noticed Network and Co-Founder of I AM Noticed.   Amy is a speaker, a coach, and her companies are helping people and the organizations that they are a part of create positive cultural change.  

Click Here for Amy's Bio and to request booking information.

and other fun tid bits

The Power of Noticing A Single Person

(AKA The Bra Strap Story)

Our mission is to help people Notice the goodness in themselves and others.

Our goal is for everyone in the world to know that they are Noticed.

Our hope is that you will join us in changing the world for good. meant so much to me ~ and came at a time when I really needed to hear it. It made me feel so good about myself and sparked a little fire in me that I can do anything I set my mind to! ~Tracy, United States of America

Since I seldom think of myself and have positive images about myself, being told that I was Noticed is surprising for me. I feel so happy to know that I AM Noticed! ~Tomoko, Japan

“She was my rock, my best friend and I loved every single minute of it. I guess it was the same for her and that’s the reason for me being Noticed today.” ~ Emma, United Kingdom

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Our full story is written from the collective stories of those who are Noticing the goodness in themselves and others.

Have you been Noticed?  Have you been practicing Noticing goodness in yourself and others?  We would love to hear your story!  You can share your experiences at


Here are a few of the Noticed Stories we have received ...

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