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The Noticer Gets Noticed

A memory popped up on my phone this week. When it did, a feeling of love, and purpose, and recommitment to this work washed over me in an instant. It was the story of my encounter with Mr. E.

I met Mr. E on October 14, 2017 -- 5 years ago!!!! Time is such an interesting gift… How can something feel like a treasured memory from my past and at the same time feel like it happened just the other day?

I decided to share the original post in its entirety, because it is so pure. I hope that whether you're reading it for the first time, or rereading it with the new lens that 5 years provides, you will:

  • feel the love,

  • experience a renewed since of purpose,

  • be reminded of how the simple, yet powerful act of Noticing someone can change their day, their week, and even their life,

  • and last but not least I hope that it will inspire all of us Noticers to receive this precious gift when it comes our way.

Here's the original post from October 14, 2017:

There truly are the most AMAZING people in this world, and I just met one of them! So I was sitting in my van at the gas station, and this sweet man hollers from the truck beside me "hey young lady how are you doing this morning?" I tell him I'm doing good (truth is I am good but at that moment my heart was sad. I was reading about some of the troubles in the lives of people and so I'm sure my face looked sad - my heart was heavy). He says "Ok, I was just checking on you. I wanted you to know I see you there, and just make sure you're good." .

Of course I had to Notice him right back!!! I got out of my van and gave him a Random Acts of Noticing card, which he seemed tickled to receive, and he introduced himself as Mr. E.

He's been up since early this morning cooking food to deliver as meals on wheels. He'd just come from the scrap yard where he trades metal for dollars to be able to buy the food he cooks for people in need. Much to my surprise he insisted on giving me a plate of food saying that he'd wondered who he should give it to and he was positive it should be me (I couldn't argue with him ).

Mr. E is a writer and he showed me his first book and promised I can get one soon. And he told me a bit about his second book which is at his editor now (800 pages!!!) and I can't wait to read it either!

Mr. E told me that he has had some struggles and that now he choose to love people every day. And then he gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him anytime. "Anytime day or night. It's never too early -I'm up cooking, and it's never too late -I'm up don't worry".

I asked him if he's a hugger (I almost don't have to ask). He's a hugger alright! He gives me one of those hugs that you feel in your soul.

As we were going our separate ways he tells me to keep Noticing and to keep smiling my big smiles and then he shouts out the window at me "Call me! And I mean it" if you need anything anytime day or night".

Thank you Mr. E for being you and for Noticing people, and for Noticing me. I love meeting people who want to love the whole world too.

End of original post

Isn't his smile AMAZING!!! To me he is love personified <3 If you want to read the comments on and reactions to the original post you can click on Mr. E's image below.

There is a universal law that says, "That which is like unto itself is drawn." When the Noticer gets Noticed it can be such a powerful gift. So for all my Noticer friends out there I hope you are ready to receive.

When people get Noticed the world really is a better place. And the coolest part to me is that the gift of Noticing blesses the Noticer, it blesses the Noticed, and it blesses the whole world!

Thank you Mr. E! Thank you to everyone who is out there Noticing goodness!! And thank YOU for being YOU!!!

May you always feel Noticed,



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