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The Bra Strap Story

Have you heard the bra strap story? It’s a Noticed Network classic for sure. The story of the day I learned that being Noticed just for being your amazing self doesn’t always make sense to people, and that it is vital that the receiver be able to receive being Noticed.

It took place about a year after I started intentionally Noticing. At a gas station near my house I Noticed an AMAZING woman who appeared to have such a difficult time understanding what I was saying and why I was giving her a keychain. Much to my surprise, she still didn’t seem to get it even after I explained in a few different ways that I had been paying attention and I had Noticed so many good things about her. She didn’t know what to do with my words and she certainly didn’t know what to do with the keychain.

Until she did … “So I just clip it on something”, she said. “Yes”, I replied in relief. And then it happened. She pulled out her bra strap and clipped the Noticed keychain right there. Honestly, it was so unexpected, and frankly so uncomfortable, that I smiled and left the gas station wondering how I could make this (Noticing) make more sense to more people. I just really didn’t think she got it.

Two weeks later I went back in that same gas station and had the most AMAZING conversation with this woman. A conversation that changed the way I understood the need for and the impact of receiving the gift of being Noticed.

She may have clipped the key chain to her bra strap, but she had also clipped my words (metaphorically speaking of course) on her mind and her heart.

When she realized that it wasn’t what was in the key chain, but rather what was in her that was so valuable … well, that was a moment I will never forget!

If you’d like to hear the whole story you can find it here:


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