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Noticing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Noticing, and The Noticed Network, may not have started out to be a business but getting to be an entrepreneur is one of the greatest joys of my life. One of the greatest joys, and also one of the greatest challenges. Frankly, I have often felt like I don't know what I'm doing over the past 9 years. I love the mission of The Noticed Network, and I love helping people Notice the goodness in themselves and others. The business of Noticing is in my blood. HOWEVER, the business stuff (accounting, marketing, sales, legal, etc.) has been A LOT to figure out! The challenges have often given me a sense of overwhelm, and I have had to use my tools to navigate learning to be confident in this space so that I don't freeze up and wait for everything to be perfect before I Notice the good and move forward with products, ideas, or connections.

I have learned so much by paying attention to fellow entrepreneurs! And when I get a chance to Notice one of them, well I want to tell the whole world all of the goodness I've witnessed!

That's what this blog post is all about. I want to Notice one of my favorite up and coming entrepreneurs. I am impressed with her tenacity and her business sense. And I am personally so grateful that she has been willing to share a bit of her journey with me as it has certainly inspired and encouraged me!

So, with out further a do, I want to Notice Charley Hall and her AMAZING entrepreneurial endeavor, Kreative Klutz

In addition to being super impressive, Charley also happens to be my daughter Kristen's BFF. This has given me a front row experience in seeing Kreative Klutz come to life, and recently we got to chat about how she is doing business.

Kreative Klutz specializes in selling handmade scrunchies, and in addition to the recent release of her 3rd collection, she recently introduced matching dog bandana into her product line as well - just in time for the holidays!

The fact that Charley is 13 and has started her own business, and makes, sells, & delivers quality products is impressive!!!! And her enthusiasm for connecting with other makers and her creativity in getting the word out about her products is inspiring!!!

Thank you Charley for being your AMAZING self!!! I love your entrepreneurial spirit, and you truly inspire me with your brave and savy way of doing business!

There is sooooo much goodness to Notice about Charley, and her company Kreative Klutz and I hope you will check out her Instagram page.


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