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Noticing Neighbors The Golden Scoop Grand Opening

If you were driving past the corner of 95th and Nall earlier this week, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary was happening. The parking lots were full, there was a bright yellow carpet, wind blown balloons, and a line that went out the door at one particular shop. If you’ve been counting down like us, then you know: Wednesday was The Golden Scoop’s grand opening!

The Golden Scoop is a non-profit ice cream and coffee shop that employs and pays individuals with developmental disabilities. We were able to interview the owners back in January, and right from the beginning Michelle, Lindsay, and Amber were completely united in their vision of opening up this special place.

Amy and I went in to get our strawberry ice cream fix on opening day and it was delicious! Right when you walk in, it’s obvious how much they care about their Super Scoopers. There is a mural of the employees' smiling faces on the right wall, and behind the counter every Super Scooper is paired with a volunteer.

From selecting the ice cream flavor to running the cash registerthere is no part of the process where anyone is left alone! All hands are on deck to work with volunteers, and everyone is learning each step of the process together.

At the end of the line, we were able to Notice some members of the team with bracelets to congratulate them! They recognized us and it was such a nice moment! There really is nothing like a great opening day and there was so much goodness all around.

That morning, the doors were scheduled to open at 7 am for the coffee crowd. To make the first day special, local business Leader Limo gave the Super Scoopers a ride to their first shift. As they drove up, the Super Scoopers got to walk the Golden Carpet and open the doors to their first day with customers.

The Super Scoopers all wore uniform shirts with uplifting messages:

Serving Kindness Daily
Free Smiles

Looking around the shop, it was so clear who the day was about. The line was out the door, the ice cream was delicious, and the opening was a massive success: but it was the Super Scoopers who were front and center. Wherever you were sitting in the shop, it was clear that the day was about them. Thank you to our neighbors at The Golden Scoop for changing lives, one scoop at a time.

To plan your next visit to The Golden Scoop, you can follow along on Instagram and check out their website.


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