Noticing Neighbors Natis Lemonade Shop

Meet Natis: the 11 year old entrepreneur behind Natis Lemonade Shop. She offers a cool, crisp, handcrafted lemonade that hits just right from the first sip. I went to visit Natis at her pop up, and the lemonade I purchased was gone before I got back to my car! It's that good. Working her way through the demand that day, I could hear buzz of people in line talking about if it was their first time or not. There were a lot of us, but Natis took the time needed for each person. She offered to pop the bottle cap for each one of her customers. In our sit down interview, both Natis and her mom shared this story together.

Hayley: So how did you start with making lemonade?

Natis: I started my business in 2018! Talia: She had been asking me for a couple of years about starting a lemonade stand, because we both love lemonade. I just kept saying: not right now, not right now. Then once we had a venue where we could launch it, through the Royal Cohesive Network Hayley: What’s that? Talia: It’s this organization that supports youth entrepreneurs, and they give a great platform for them to learn and launch their business. Hayley: Got it. Talia: The day that we started in October of 2018, we weren't even trying to sell. We were like, OK, let's make some samples and see if people like it. We ended up having lots of supporters that were helpful, too. Hayley: Like who?

Talia: There was this lady who wrote a letter to KC Bier Co. We started out with the lemonade in mason jars, and then she wrote a letter and they reached back out. That connection started, which was amazing.

Hayley: So they donate the bottles? Is that how it works?

Talia: In the beginning, yes, they were donated. Then the company that KC Bier Co. uses for labels, made labels for her. But after getting started, we really wanted her to learn the business side. People won't just hand you these things. So now, she does purchase them.

Hayley: That works out really well!

Talia: Yes, it helps her break down what the costs for her products are. She uses that information to learn in her youth entrepreneur classes.

Hayley: It sounds like Royal Cohesive Network was really important in getting started. When I came to see you at the street sale, there was another booth I visited a couple blocks down. Were those your cousins? At Royale Kidz Co.? Natis: Yes! You met them!

Talia: The boutique just launched that day, when you came. Hayley: Oh seriously!? Wow, that's crazy! Talia: And they just launched the clothing line that day, too. I don't know what my other little one's going to do yet, but she'll be coming up with something. Lots of entrepreneurs in the family.

Hayley: Natis, what do you enjoy about selling lemonade?


I like talking to my customers, and I love to see them drink my lemonade. Talia: We taste test every batch to make sure it is exact to her recipe. It is in smaller batches, and her process takes a little longer. She does the whole process!

I think she appreciates it more that way, and I think the customers can taste the difference.


The flavor is really crisp! It is so good. So I don't know your secret, but whatever it is, it’s working.


There's always love in it. That’s my secret. Hayley: Thank you for sharing that! No one can take that from you. Are people surprised when they taste it?


I love the expression in their face when they drink and say: “Oh my gosh, it’s so good. What did you put in it?” And I get to tell them it’s love. Hayley: That’s nice of you to share that. Natis: Then they say: “I'm going to come back for more.”

Hayley: I'm sure there are times where working your dream can be a lot. Running a business, and you've got schoolthat’s a lot going on. Are there times that you have to give yourself a boost? How do you do that?


I just think about how to get myself started. And if I have a bad day, I just think of something nice to boost me up to make me feel like making the lemonade. I don’t do it until I feel happy to do it. Hayley: That's a great way to be.