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Several times today I have found myself overcome with emotion. I - like so many of you - know exactly where I was when the towers came down. I remember seeing the LIVE broadcast when the second tower was hit. The memory is stored not just as fact, but with emotion.

9/11 also reminds me of how we as a country stood together. We were generous and kind to one another in a way that made such a positive difference. From the heroes who gave their lives to save others, to the countless heroes who gave food, or a place to stay, or a hug to anyone who needed it, to the people across the country who hung the American Flag for the world to see, we stood together.

We will never forget the tragedy of 9/11. We will never forget the horror of it all, and we will never forget the goodness that allowed us to survive it.

You know I believe in Noticing goodness. I believe that when people know that the goodness within them has been Noticed (when they know that who they are matters), they are more likely to continue to share that goodness with the world. I also believe that as Noticers (that is people who are on the lookout to Notice other people for their goodness), we are blessed with a more positive outlook. We see hope, and love, and goodness even in the worst of tragedies.

On days like today I am reminded that my dream for everyone in the world to know they are Noticed (and just as important, that everyone in the world feel worthy of being Noticed) may be HUGE, but I believe with all of my heart that Noticing and being Noticed will make such a positive difference in the world!!! And I believe that if all of us Noticers will keep on Noticing we will be amazed at our Ripples of Goodness.

You know ... I also believe that tangible reminders help us to never forget. That's why we have Noticed products, to make your life as a Noticer easier and to make it so that whomever you are Noticing will never forget that they have been Noticed.

I think that God might just love to give tangible reminders too!!! I just love this rainbow over New York. ‪#‎NeverForget‬ ‪#‎Noticed


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