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Here's To Finding A Good Reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason. And yet, sometimes it is hard to see the good when we experience life's setbacks.

Several days ago I hopped into a sand burr patch (yes, that is as painful as it sounds). In the moment when it happened I was focused on the immediate pain, and oh so mad at myself. You see, I know better than to go barefoot in that area, and the truth is I know better because I know how bad it hurts

to have one little sand burr stuck in my skin. This wasn't one little sand burr - this was so many sand burrs that they covered the bottom of my feet like the bristles of a hair brush. It's hard to see the good in that.

Here I am, a few days later, and I'm starting to see the good... I'm starting to see the reason...

This whole experience has forced me to slow down a bit, to literally put my feet up. I've been pushing myself a little too hard lately and this little setback has allowed me to permit myself to relax a little.

Life is better lived with balance and perspective.

Here's to finding a good reason... even in difficult situations. And here's to wearing shoes instead of going barefoot when near sand burr patches.


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