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Goals & Grace

When we set goals, it is so important that we be brave enough to set a date by which we want to see the goal accomplished.

I say brave enough, because for many of us this can be pretty daunting. Here's why ...

Let's say for example, I set a goal to organize my desk drawers by the 1st of the month. And let's say it's the 2nd and I have not completed the task. Well, the natural conclusion could be that I have failed right??? Not exactly.

Life is about choices, and it is very possible that the reason why I didn't accomplish my goal is because I chose to make other things a priority. For example, taking care of a sick family member, or being there for a grieving friend who just needs a shoulder to cry on.

When we find ourselves in these types of situations we can feel empowered rather than defeated. Our goals are just that- ours. We can re-examine them at any time and decide how we want to CHOOSE to proceed.

If having an organized desk is still a priority on the 2nd I can set a revised goal.

Be brave and put a realistic date on your goals. Oh, and write them down!!! Goals once written down and dated have an 80% chance of being accomplished.

And most importantly, let's live by grace.


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