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I've Noticed That Somethings Weren't Designed To Be Explained In 144 Characters

I've Noticed... that it is very challenging for me to explain the essence of being Noticed. I have come to understand that being Noticed means the most to those who have actually been Noticed, and the joy of Noticing can only be felt once you've experienced a Noticed product turning from the gift of a small "key chain", bracelet or card to a treasured keepsake.

If you've stumbled on to this blog and are unfamiliar with The Noticed Network and the concept of Noticing, I will do my best to explain...

  • The Noticed Network is the original epicenter of an actual, rather that virtual, network of people who are inspired to Notice and celebrate the amazing people in their lives just for being their amazing selves. I say actual because these women are actually connecting with each other. Whether it is in person (let's say over coffee maybe) or by mail, the Noticing takes place human to human. (I just love that part! Our world is often hurried and virtual, and we have a huge need for real connection.) (506 Characters)

  • The concept of Noticing really is simple, yet powerful. The giver, or the Noticer if you will, gives the recipient a heartfelt compliment (basically tells him or her the good things he or she has Noticed about him or her), and a Noticed product. The Motif is so important because is serves as a reminder over and over again that the recipient was Noticed just for being himself or herself. (389 Characters)

  • The Noticed products are sold by The Noticed Network. There are key chains, bracelets and cards sold in our online store. Every Noticed product is designed to be a tangible reminder to the recipient that he or she was Noticed just for being their amazing self. (262 characters)

  • The original Noticed product is called the "Classic Noticed Motif". The name Motif was chosen to define these items in a very special way. These are not just key chains or bag tags. They are symbols of a common theme running through the tapestry of the human experience. A Noticed Motif, like all Noticed products is a tangible reminder to the recipient, and it tells others that he or she has been Noticed as a beautiful part of that tapestry. (449 Characters)

  • Often once a person has been Noticed he or she Notices the amazing people in their own life. We call this the Ripple Effect of Goodness. As all of these ripples spread The Noticed Network grows. (198 Characters)

  • To Notice someone is to take the time to tell him or her why she is amazing just for being his/ herself. You are in a sense saying, "I see you, I hear you, you matter to me.". And this is one of the best gifts you can give a person. When a we know we are Noticed it changes us. It validates us. When we feel gratitude toward our own goodness, we want to let our light shine a little brighter. When we feel Noticed the world is a better place, and we wants to create her own Ripple Effect of Goodness by Noticing the amazing people in our own lives. (556 Characters)

It is this last statement that gets me so excited! The thought that as we get Noticed our lights shine brighter, and then we want to share with others so that their lights shine brighter, too. It is the goal of the Noticed Network that every person in the world will be Noticed and validated. And I for one can't wait to see the bright lights burning.

In this virtual, and often viral world that we live in it would seem possible that everyone should experience being Noticed sooner rather than later. With Facebook and Twitter we should be able to get the word out about Noticed and grow this movement over night, but I struggle to put the essence of the gift that is "Noticed" into 140 characters. There are no graphics to post that depict a person who felt invisible realizing that he or she has been Noticed just for being himself or herself.

I suppose there are a lot of experiences like that. It would be nearly impossible to tell you in 140 characters what it felt like when I became a wife, or a mother. Some things require experience to truly understand. Some things are not designed to be words on a page.

So for now we will continue to do our best to share The Noticed Network with the world, and we will continue to support people as they create their own ripple effects of goodness. Most importantly, we will be patient. The Noticed Network is not founded on the virtual or viral. We are founded on the principle that we, the people who's lights are shining brighter because we are Noticed, will share this gift. Although you will continue to see us on Facebook and Twitter, we will not rely on the words on a page to explain the true essence of being Noticed. We will rely on real people to share Noticed with the world.

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