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Adventure Outside Of My Immediate Circle

I've Noticed that noticing the people outside of my immediate circle of friends and family brings with it a sense of adventure, and a better understanding of just how similar we all really are. When I notice people who are "like me" certain assumptions are made. I know that the recipient will respond within the social norms that I am comfortable with. Stepping outside of my box to Notice someone who seems quite different from me brings with it a challenge that I am becoming more and more intrigued with. It is my nature to try to connect with those around me. I am a true extrovert, so the more people I can really connect with in a day the better. What I am realizing about human connection is that it can be real and at the same time unfamiliar. Typically, when we think about connecting with the people in our lives we consider those closest to us. We know what these relationships feel like, we know what to expect. We can read into their facial expressions and body language much easier because it is similar to our own. When we step outside of the box to connect with those different than ourselves we may need to go about it a little differently. When I Notice someone who seems so different than myself, I must reach him or her where he or she is at. In stepping out of my box I am stepping out of myself... stepping into the other person's shoes for a moment, so that I can speak with him or her in a way that she can understand. And while I'm in those shoes I realize how much we are alike. We are alike because we are humans, we want to be seen and heard and appreciated just for being ourselves. Noticing is all about seeing the goodness in another and letting him or her know you Noticed. Noticing is a gift, and like all gifts it needs not only to be given but to be received. There is a simple 3 step formula for how to Notice the people in our lives. First, realize who you want to Noticed. Second, think about how he or she would best receive the gift. Third, share your heartfelt compliment along with the Noticed product that you believe would serve as the most effective tangible reminder of your compliment and the person's goodness. It is my dream that everyone in the world will be Noticed. Adventure awaits!!!

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