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You Are Inherently Worthy

I find myself saying this statement all of the time. When a friend, or a client, or even a total stranger is in the middle of telling me his or her story there comes a point in the story where I interrupt him or her (yes, I know that's rude, but sometimes I just can't help it☺). I interrupt to say those words " You are inherently worthy.". I feel compelled to do this because it's always at the point in the story where I can tell by what's being said or how it's being said that the person is feeling those ugly, critical feelings of guilt, shame, not enough ... not worthy.

Here's what I believe ... We all have a story that we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what happened to us to make us who we are. If at the core of our individual stories is the belief that we are inherently worthy (that is worthy to love and be loved, worthy of the space that we live in, worthy of health, abundance, peace, joy and all of the goodness that we seek), it's much more likely that we will embrace the belief that we matter, that who we are is important, or as I explain it to my girls, "who we are should be treasured". And how do you treat a treasure? You love it.

At the core of our belief we can know that we are inherently worthy. And then it is natural to create our stories through the lenses of worthiness. We will still have undesirable parts to our stories, but no matter what our stories are we will treasure who we are, we will treat ourselves with love and expect others to treat us with love as well.

Are you at the point in your story were you need me to interrupt and remind you that "You are inherently worthy"? If so, I apologize for the rudeness, but I just can't help it☺. We all deserve to believe in our own worthiness.

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