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Who Can you Notice?
Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Coaches, Teammates, Teachers, Bus Drivers, Service Providers, & Total Strangers.  Really the possibilities are endless.  All people of all ages have goodness within.  Who can you Notice?
Why is it so important to have a tangible reminder?
Did you know that our bodies are designed to hang on to negative thoughts and feelings longer than positive thoughts and feelings.  That's why having a tangible reminder is so important.
When you give a noticed gift along with a heartfelt compliment you are giving a gift that keeps on giving.  Every time the recipient sees it they will be reminded of your kindness and of their own goodness.  It's win-win-win. 
What is Noticing with a capital N?
We are really good at noting stuff; that's a pretty common thing to do.  Noticing with a capital N is a special, proper noun kind of thing though.  Noticing someone  is simply taking the time to tell someone I see you, I hear you, and you matter to me, and giving that person a tangible reminder so that they will be reminded over and over again that they are Noticed.
Why is it called a network?
When we take the time to Notice one another connections are made.  That is why we call this The Noticed Network.  It is a real life network of people connected in the mission and the experience of Noticing and being Noticed.  
How many people around the world have been Noticed?
There have been approximately 30,000 people Noticed as part of The Noticed Network.  That is more than the official capacity of Madison Square Gardens in NY, NY.  HUGE shout out to everyone who has been Noticing goodness in people and helping The Noticed Network grow!!!
Madison square gardens_edited.jpg

The Noticed Network is a community of people who are connected by their commitment to choose to see the goodness in themselves and others, and then take the time to Notice that goodness.

What's Our Why ...

  • We want to support your efforts to Notice goodness in yourself and in others.  

  • We want to connect you with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place.

  • We know that together we can impact the world in such a lasting and meaningful way.

  • We hope that you will join us in changing the world for good. 

  • And ultimately, we hope you always feel Noticed!

 Are you ... 

  • an AMAZING human?

  • an optimist, or at least not annoyed by optimism?  

  • seeking improvement in your life and the lives of others?

  • a confident human or wanting to be? 

  • willing to be at least a  little vulnerable?

  • ready to invest in taking action to see the improvements you desire for yourself and others?

If any of these describe you we are so excited to know you!!! 

Thank you for being you!!! 

Oh! and if you have any friends that would love our "why" please share our page and social with them. 

We would love to be friends with them too :)

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