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We love your stories about how

the simple, yet powerful act of Noticing

has touched your lives.

who knew that a small keychain could mean so much to me? ~ Lauren, United States of America

I was "NOTICED" by one of my oldest and dearest friends Heather. She mailed me my key chain along with a note... and her words truly did warm my heart! This little note and key chain truly did make my week and my month! Thank you Heather for Noticing me and for being such an AMAZING friend and person! I love you! I just bought 10 key chains... I notice AMAZING women everyday and what a powerful way to let others know you notice them and for them to have a tangible reminder to look at everyday... that they were "NOTICED"! ~ Candice, United States of America

Since I seldom think of myself and have positive images about myself, being told that I was Noticed is surprising for me. I feel so happy to know that I AM Noticed! ~Tomoko, Japan

A former students mom called and asked if she could bring me something. She told me she Noticed me for being so caring and kind to others. This was so great especially right now with my husband deployed it is nice to be Noticed. ~Adena, United States of America

My niece decided to attend college in California near where I live and then continued onto law school. As her only relative close by my sister gave me a card to thank me for all the help and love I have given to her daughter through the years. My sister gave me the "Noticed" gift when she flew out to attend her daughter's graduation from law school. I thought it was an awesome way to let someone you know how much you appreciate what they have done. It speaks volumes that flowers and gifts can't match! ~Maryann, United States of America

To hear the words she so eloquently put together telling about me, was enough to make my cup overflow! She handed me a card and my Noticed Motif. I keep my card in my planner and read it often. I keep my Noticed Motif on my school bag so that I see it every day! ~Emily, United States of America

“She was my rock, my best friend and I loved every single minute of it. I guess it was the same for her and that’s the reason for me being Noticed today.” ~ Emma, United Kingdom

She began to thank me for modeling life so beautifully for her. She told me I am a Noticer because I see the good in others and bring out the best in them. I stood with tears in my eyes and appreciation in my heart as I listened to the sincerity in her voice. ~Sharon, United States of America meant so much to me ~ and came at a time when I really needed to hear it. It made me feel so good about myself and sparked a little fire in me that I can do anything I set my mind to! ~Tracy, United States of America

I was blessed to be Noticed by my sister. Which I learned at that time it is much easier to Notice then be Noticed. I was able to be lucky to Notice the strongest lady I know. Mother of 4 W/1 on the way who is the BEST mother, friend, & angel a girl could know. Her every day strength makes me want to be a better person. She is a ROCK!!! ~Laura, United States of America

My old high school friend called me up one night as she was in the city I lived in on business. She came over and gave me the Noticed Motif and "Noticed" me. It was hard to hear and I was squirming as I obviously don't get "Noticed" very often! But once I realized how everything worked how I could Notice others and not shy away from being Noticed myself it was a wonderful experience! I think it is amazing what she is doing for other women and I can't wait for this movement to spread all over the world. ~Nicole, United States of America

Nothing has ever made me feel more special than being Noticed for being "ME!".... It really makes you take "Notice" of other women I come in contact with that make an impact on my life big or small. Thank you so much for doing this and helping us women who go unnoticed for all the things we do and to try and make this life a better one for ourselves and everyone else! ~Jill, United States of America

I was working and was presented a Motif by a very nice lady. This had been a stressful day and being Noticed really put a skip in my step and brightened my smile. Thank you so much for Noticing me!!! ~Tiffany, United States of America

After a wonderful birthday celebration with friends and my sister Carol (and at a very stressful time in my life) my sister Noticed all of the wonderful ladies there that night! It was very touching to be Noticed for keeping my head high with many obstacles bringing me down at the time. She was very sweet in telling me how she has always looked up to me as a sister friend and mom. I loved receiving the charm! It made me smile every time I looked at longer have it because I passed it on to a special friend that really needed it. Can't wait to get more to pass out! ~Sharon, United States of America

I came to work after a particularly stressful few weeks and I really didn't want to be here. My Noticed card and Motif were on my desk waiting for me. It really came from out of the blue and was exactly what I needed! Random acts of kindness always move me to tears and this was no exception. Now I am thinking of all of my friends that need this very same boost. Thank you for Noticing me! ~Heather, United States of America

I received the Noticed keychain with the most wonderful card from an old friend I haven't really talked to in years. I just spent 9 weeks with my daughter while she was in the hospital and she shared the kindest words about me as a mom. Best thing ever to be Noticed for! ~Shelly, United States of America

My friend said she Noticed all of the things I do without getting thanked for them. ~Inger, United States of America

I was totally taken off guard when I was Noticed by this incredible woman that I Notice all of the time. She called my home came over and shocked me in my kitchen with the news that she had Noticed me! I thought, "Wow! How could this be?". Moments earlier I had been feeling a little unappreciated by my children and then to have this wonderful gal tell me how she respected me as a person and as a parent... I was totally moved to tears. I believe that if we let others know exactly how they impact our lives we can make steps to change each other's value, (or at least make us realize we are valued by others). ~Carrie, United States of America

A couple of wonderful lifelong friends and I got together for breakfast this morning and we had not seen one another in a while. We always pick up where we left off though. That is how I know I have some very special women (best friends) in my life. I was Noticed today and it was very unexpected but very nice. It made my morning and just reminded me how blessed I am to have such good friends and ladies in my life. ~Terri, United States of America

I deliver mail to one of my friends and an envelope was left in the mailbox for me. I'm having a really hard time being a single Mom to a disabled child and my friend Noticed me. It was perfect timing because it has been a very long month. ~Susie, United States of America

It was an amazing experience. I had no idea what she was going to do. I don't remember the exact words she spoke. I just felt a tremendous amount of love respect and power. I was overwhelmed by her words. ~Linda, United States of America

I got to school Monday and had a very sweet card from a friend with this Noticed charm. She wrote a very sincere thank you for our friendship through the last few years. Yes I cried it was very touching. I only wish I had found something like this for her before she did; I have definitely Noticed everything she has done for me and she has been a wonderful friend. ~Rhonda, United States of America

I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse and one of my patients "Noticed " me. She wrote in a card for me "Thank you so much for all you did to help me back on to the road to recovery! You're a great nurse and always made me feel better when you were around! Your smile is contagious! Thank you for being wonderful!" ~Jessica, United States of America

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