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Let the ripple begin with you


gifts, stories, +inspiration to help us Notice the goodness in ourselves +others

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Morse Code Bracelets 


Colorful glass beads represent the dots and dashes that spell the word


in Morse Code

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Every story, tip & challenge is an invitation for you to join us in the practice of
Noticing goodness.

There is so much goodness to Notice!

Laptop & Coffee


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Our mission is to help people Notice the goodness in themselves and others.

Our goal is for everyone in the world to know that they are Noticed.

Our hope is that you will join us in changing the world for good.



"It was this kind gesture out of nowhere.  It helps me think about what kind of impact this can have for other people."

— Sarah Barnaby

When people know that they have been seen,
when they know that they have been heard,
when they know that they matter,
when they know they've been Noticed ...
The world is a better place.

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