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The Story Effect Podcast

With Nick Parker & Amy Johnson

Coming Soon!!!

Stories have always been our most powerful tool for good.  Long before Jefferson wrote “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Long before Shakespeare wrote of love, family and tragedy. Long before monks first put ink to vellum, the human race passed on information and histories through images and spoken word.


There is an often over-used cliché that says “Everyone has a story.” Beginning this fall, hosts Nick Parker and Amy Johnson set out to prove the cliché true, as well as showing how our stories connect us to the people in our established circles and beyond. These are the stories we notice. These are the stories connecting us. These are the stories inspiring us.



Nick and Amy are approaching this new podcast, The Story Effect, from different perspectives but share a common goal of sharing stories that not only shape a person’s trajectory but also connect them to others and motivate listeners to notice and engage with the positive people and movements within their community.



While Nick brings a journalism background to the production, Amy comes into the studio with a background in corporate training and development and motivational speaking. The two have combined their passions for seeking out people and the stories that shape them into this new podcast which will serve as a new outreach tool for The Noticed Network, which Amy founded in 2011.


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