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Let the ripple begin with you


Our mission is to help people Notice the goodness in themselves and others.

Our goal is for everyone in the world to know that they are Noticed.

Our hope is that you will join us in changing the world for good.

Feel Good

There's so much goodness to Notice and celebrate about YOU!  Maybe you recently got Noticed, and/or maybe you understand the importance of Noticing your own goodness. is here to support you and your efforts to Notice goodness in yourself and others.  We want to help you and the organizations that you are a part of to build a more positive culture by Noticing the goodness in themselves and others.


Noticing the amazing people in your life is such a simple, yet powerful gift, and Noticed gifts are even more fun to give than they are to receive!


The Noticed Network offers several Noticed Products to choose from.  You just share a heartfelt compliment and give a Noticed gift and that's Noticing.

Make A Difference

Wouldn't it be great if the organizations that you are a part of could tap into the positive power of Noticing goodness?  Well they can!


The Noticed Network offers keynotes, breakout sessions,half day, full day and ongoing training programs.  Corporate Programs inspire, inform, & invite individuals to engage in creating a more positive culture through the success strategy of Noticing goodness.

When people know that they have been seen,

when they know that they have been heard,

when they know that they matter,

when they know they've been Noticed ...

The world is a better place.

  • We want to support your efforts to Notice goodness in yourself and in others.  

  • We want to connect you with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place.

  • We know that together we can impact the world in such a lasting and meaningful way.

  • We hope that you will join us in changing the world for good. 

  • And ultimately, we hope you always feel Noticed!

What's Our Why ...

We'd love to stay connected with you

We do not share, rent, or sell email addresses or any other information collected to outside parties. We will use your email address only to send information from The Noticed Network.

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