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Amy Johnson is the founder of The Noticed Network and Co-Founder of I AM Noticed.   Amy is a speaker, a writer, and her companies are helping people and organizations create positive cultural change.

She earned an undergraduate degree in Corporate Communication with an emphasis in Training and Development from Doane College, and has continued her education in business, personal development and training methods, becoming a Certified Life Coach and Self-Talk Trainer.

Amy's experience and education have put her in a unique position to share The Noticed Philosophy with others.  She has had the opportunity to work in the small business, corporate, non-profit, and education sectors.


Amy has dedicated her life to making a positive difference in the world.  Of course there are many ways to do this, and Amy has branded a simple, yet powerful approach to helping people create a more positive life for themselves and for the people around them.  What is this approach?


Noticing and being Noticed.

Since she began intentionally Noticing in 2011 her passion for Noticing goodness has turned from a personal quest into two full time businesses and has led to impacting over 30,000 people with an ever-expanding product line as well as speaking and training programs for groups large and small.   


Amy has combined her desire for everyone to feel Noticed with her background and experience to create several inspiring programs. Both as a Keynote Speaker and a Training Facilitator, Amy inspires, informs, and invites participants to live even more excellent lives by engaging in the practice of Noticing goodness.  Amy's fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques allow her to connect with her audiences in a humble and personal way.  


In addition to being an entrepreneur, a speaker, trainer, writer and a certified life coach, Amy is also a very proud wife and mother.


Amy lives in the Kansas City area with her husband Carl and daughters Karly, Katelyn, Kelly, and Kristen. Amy enjoys boating, writing, golfing, traveling, reading (or listening to) a good book, Noticing others, and experiencing adventure with friends, family,   She especially enjoys abundance in all forms - so this list could go on and on!  

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