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The Noticed Effect

The Noticed Effect is the cornerstone program of Amy Johnson, and The Noticed Network. 

This message can be delivered in keynote or breakout session format, and focuses on the science, the art and the impact of Noticing goodness.

Audiences are inspired, informed and invited to utilize the concepts and technics offered to improve communication, confidence, and culture.


The Noticed Effect has a universal appeal because regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or nationality, everyone needs to know that they matter and that they are Noticed. When people understand and implement the practice of Noticing goodness it benefits everyone involved. 

It's win-win-win!

The Noticed Factor

The Noticed Factor training creates and sustains a more positive culture within your organization. 

Everyone within your organization matters, and everyone will impact the culture.  


The Noticed Factor equips participants to normalize an organizational environment of positive communication, confidence, and positive culture ultimately allowing for more efficient and effective accomplishment of your organization's mission. 


Suggested Training Structure includes multiple training sessions for organizational leadership as well as training for the organization as a whole.


Noticing While Serving

Add the simple, yet powerful act of Noticing goodness to your organization's current service project or mission effort.  Your team will receive training on how to Notice, and how to really use the gift of Noticing to build bridges between all types of people.  Noticing is an unforgettable universal language.  Noticing While Serving also addresses the importance of healthy intra- and inter-personal communication for those who serve. 

Private Consulting

One-on-one, small group, and team consulting services are available.  These services are designed to help the group or individual utilize the science, the art, and the impact of Noticing goodness in order to create desired outcomes. 

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With The Noticed Network, programming and products always go hand in hand.  The Noticed Network offers programming to support the Noticed concept and create a more positive culture shift.   We also offer products to create a lasting impression for those who are Noticed.  To learn about how you can utilize the tools and strategies of Noticing goodness to shift your culture contact us today!

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